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“2-12.30 woohooo I like getting work hours :)” Read a Facebook post from 5 years ago.  How things have changed. Facebook reminded me of this post I shared years ago that really showed how desperate things were back then. A positive outlook in a dire situation but the only way to face it I felt. This was a period of time where I was working part time in the Omniplex cinema and attempting to complete a business degree through Irish: Gnó agus Cumarsáid. The course was amazing but the work hours dried up and I was forced to quit college as I could no longer afford the daily return bus fee and lunch totaling €8.50.

In order to live, I needed to focus more on personal training as I was unable to attend institutional education, thankfully I found the Open University and began my undergraduate in Psychology online. It was at this time I met my girlfriend and fell head over heels for my very own Galway girl! Strange that I had actually hit financial rock bottom but emotionally I felt like a secret millionaire! Grateful for the amazing friends in my life who I knew would have my back or couch for me to stay on if needed, I always had faith that I would be fine. However, having no family in Galway and not being on the dole, having only €40 to last 10 days and being fearful of how I would manage the apartment rent certainly has a way of focusing one’s efforts!

So I started with a goal. Open a Gym.

Its Mission?

“Limitless will change the way you think about exercise forever.
You will learn how to move as we were built to, to function on a higher level.
You will become part of a community of supportive people who will challenge you to become a better version of yourself.
This is more than a Gym, this is Limitless …”

– Nathy O’Connell DM Limitless Health.


Limitless Health would ultimately be the vehicle to deliver this message. Where to start? SAVE SAVE SAVE! I was working as a freelancer out of a personal training studio and was totally focused on raising every penny possible toward the goal of opening my own place. I remember telling one of my old personal training clients and good friend Debbie O Reilly about this dream,and  we were so excited walking back into town from our session! She was the first person I spoke in detail about it and her enthusiasm in it and belief in my ability to pull it off helped keep me focused toward this lofty goal. How would a broke individual gather 20k?! An unshakeable focus is how:  1.5 years later I had somehow scraped together the seed capital required to open a tiny gym on Hidden valley, built a community of happy driven people and found my feet as a business man and entrepreneur.

Our old home:

Old gym

Opened in September 2013, Limitless Health was a tiny place with a big mission. We spent 2 years in this location in Hidden valley. Towards the end of the 2nd year I had the opportunity to buy out my business partner who wished to focus on other endeavors.

Summer 2015 seen a phenomenally hectic time, 8 weeks to source a new gym location, 3 weeks to organize the work troops, and 5 weeks to get us to a soft launch in September and official launch in October 2015. Add to the list; moving house, news of the arrival of our first baby and dissolution of a business partnership and you have an amazing cocktail of ups and downs to test your commitment to the cause!

In 5 years there has been, 1 Gym move, 2 house moves, 1 baby, 1 more year to completion of a psychology degree, bought my first business partner out of the business and expanded to an unbelievable facility on the Tuam road Royal Rock Ind estate where we have already grown 450% in 8 months and still growing . People are thriving in the new facility and serving them is a true honor I do with pride.  Our new home:



The inspiration behind this post was that Facebooks memories reminded me of how desperate my situation was only 5 years ago, all the post’s from that window of time were celebrating the fact that some work was coming my way, I was actually thrilled to be receiving a work shift!!! I felt worthless.  No money, No Security, No Goals, No Fulfillment, Low Self-esteem, Uncertain future.

However, I knew there was so much more potential within myself that I had not yet unlocked, and truth be told had I not experienced the level of adversity I had faced from there to here, I wonder would I have really tuned into my core reason WHY we do what we do, forcing me to look inward and unlock the true power within ourselves.

In the eyes of society, I may appear to be successful in some ways, to have ticked a few of the proverbial boxes so to speak. How we define ourselves is ever-changing as our roles in life change depending on the circumstance, a few of mine include Loving Dad, Family man, Skilled Coach with 15 years’ experience, Former 2 Time World Champion martial artist, Former Irish national weightlifter, entrepreneur, Irish language speaker, Musician and general messer!  But I just wanted to share some of the Nathy O’Connell story, the story of Limitless and the philosophies that resonate so strongly within the walls of this special place. The reason I have learned so much is that I in fact knew nothing and I am still on a mission to grow and learn as much as is humanly possible so that I may serve others more effectively. My work is not near done.


So no matter what situation we find ourselves in, we have the power to change our circumstance and something that has resonated with me for a long time is a quote from Bill gates where he said:

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”― Bill Gates

This is powerful but I believe that this time can be halved, I believe this based on my own personal experiences and the experiences of my friends. In the space of one year we all have made huge steps toward our goals and in five years found success to the point that I have been truly blown away, so what would another 5 years bring?!

Make the start on your dreams, you will never regret trying, but you will always regret not making the attempt.


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this piece, if you would like to hear more on any topics that interest you please comment below, until then, good luck !


Nathy O’Connell DM Limitless Health

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