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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that is centred around creating the most well rounded fitness possible. It teaches you to move in natural movement patterns that are essential for all healthy human movement but have been lost in today’s modern work environments. You will relearn how to move as we were built to, and tap into fitness potential you never thought possible. The programme centres around functional movement patterns such as pulling, pushing and squatting and has a consistent focus on improving other neurological skills such as balance, coordination, and reaction. You will learn how to move yourself from basic gymnastic body weight focus. to learning how to lift weights correctly. Over time these elements will be developed into the more skilled and challenging disciplines of Olympic Weightlifting and more progressive Gymnastics that are used in the workouts.


I have some movement issues/restrictions, will CrossFit help me address them?

YES ! Limitless Health is well known for its expert coaches and has a reputation for its dedication to in depth education of everybody who comes to us. Most people at the beginning have some sort of restriction or movement impediment that hinders them from partaking fully any exercise regime. We will help you identify the source of these problems and teach you how stretch, mobilise and strengthen the function of the hips, shoulders , ankles, to allow increased mechanical freedom of movement.


Is CrossFit for experienced athletes only?

No ! Although many experienced current or former athletes find a worthy challenge in CrossFit after finishing competing in their previous sport , one of the biggest misconceptions today is that people assume that you need to be experienced to start! The programme is scaled to suit YOUR individual fitness level, and as you progress over the weeks and months the programme will grow with your new found abilities providing a suitable challenge that will create the desired change in your body to get toned strong and fit.



What is a WOD ?

Workout Of the Day.



Is CrossFit dangerous?

No .  CrossFit like any other workout programme involves challenging one’s work capacity to improve fitness. There is an inherent risk injury or accidental harm to oneself during all exercise not just CrossFit . Considering the huge amount of variation in the programming from bodyweight to weightlifting movements and working at a high intensity, the amount of injuries sustained are extremely low. The most common injuries (if you could call them that) include, scratches and occasional bumps and bruises that are all a normal part of the course when we move our bodies with purpose. So no it is no more dangerous than going for a 5 k run for the first time with poor footwear that can injure one’s feet if their bodies are not accustom to the mileage or level of work.


What can I expect for my first session?

In your first session you can expect a warm greeting and a tour of the awesome facilities at Limitless . You will have the workout of the day described by the coach and the structure of the class will be described in great detail, from the timing schemes, warm ups to the skills, scales and progressions there will also be a demonstration of all the movements you will be performing in the WOD itself.


I can’t do a single pull-up, does that mean I am too unfit to start CrossFit?

No. Very few people can actually do Real Pull ups when they join, they often have poor range of movement and soon realise that they also have some work to do before getting the desired strength needed to perform it correctly, so you are not alone ! CrossFit is for everyone, not just the professional athletes you see on you tube !


How do I get started?

Its easy, all you need to do is book in for a phone or drop in consultation to discuss your training experience and background, get a tour of the facility, join the CrossFit Fundamentals course that are run regularly that will teach you all the elements you would need to feel confident in the main groups; and have fun getting fitter than you have ever been !


Can I get 1to1 coaching first to get started?

Yes ! we have expert personal trainers with 10+ years of professional coaching experience. This is a fantastic way of building up confidence in your abilities before joining any of the Fundamentals or main CrossFit groups. If this would suit you feel free to book a personal training consultation with one of our personal trainers.


Are there CrossFit competitions I can enter?

Yes ! CrossFit is known for its competitions that are run worldwide. There are many local competitions that are throughout the year. One of the year’s highlights is the CrossFit Open that allows all entrants to take part in a worldwide test of fitness to qualify for the European regional’s   and from there. maybe even the CrossFit Games !? If you are interested in competition your coach can help you with specific training programme toward those goals.


How many sessions per week should I do to achieve the maximum benefit?

3 per week is perfect to begin, as you get more conditioned to the workload, and your fitness increases, you can increase to 4 or 5 times per week with using a three-day work, one-day rest period.


Will CrossFit tone me up?

An unbelievable yes!


Is it normal to feel muscle pain in the beginning?

Yes it is common, if move in a different manner to that of what you do on a daily basis you will definitely feel some stiffness and soreness of the muscles. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) can vary from person to person but by and large never too severe, and after some stretching and a hot bath are usually gone in a day or two.


Will CrossFit make me bulky?

No , it will completely change your body composition depending on how dedicated you are(competitive athlete vs armature) but it is not a body building programme with a complete focus on being as large as possible, It is a strength and conditioning programme that will make you smaller in the waist and give you tighter more toned muscles than ever before. CrossFit’s focus is centred around performance , not size .


Will I get strong?

YES . If you are coming from a normal athletic background  or have no experience of exercise you will be get much stronger as strength is a central component of the programme be it in weights training  or getting stronger at moving yourself in gymnastics movements.


Will CrossFit make me weak?

If you are already a strength specialist such as strongman competitor or power lifter , the expectation of CrossFit will be to create a well rounded athlete who can train at a high level in aerobic fitness based challenges , plus a mix of other more explosive and strength based challenges . If you are a strength specialist you may notices a slight decline on peak strength numbers but an increase in work capacity over time across other energy systems.


Will I get Fit?

Like you have never thought possible!


Will I learn how to lift weights correctly?

Yes. You will learn all the basic lifting patterns at the beginning, including how to squat, press, and deadlift; you will also learn more advanced expressions of Olympic Lifting’s Clean and Jerk and Snatch variations and even Powerlifting as your level improves.


Why is a CrossFit Gym called a BOX?

Everything about CrossFit gym is different to that of a normal commercial gym environment.

Large gym business model’s are focused on simply allowing access  to 1000’s of members to use the facility; a CrossFit Gym’s model is centred totally around coaching 150-200 people, providing a deep education of how to move your body as it was built to, to function at a higher level.

The BOX name comes from the amount of free space to move within the gym itself. CrossFit training requires a lot of space to move freely in so we can practice the multitude of things that are the centre of our programme. Compared to a large commercial or globo gym that has a huge amount of machines on the main floor area, a CrossFit Box will appear empty in comparison hence the term CrossFit Box !

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